The Eggless Bandwagon

In the midst of this close-to-apocalyptic heat wave in Adelaide this week (45°C / 113°F), I hope you forgive me for:

  1. Jumping on the Eggless bandwagon four years late, and
  2. Posting up my dining experience from December.

Blog posts on Eggless are pretty much redundant unless you go on the first night of the month (that they’re actually open, you should definitely check before driving there), and post up your review instantaneously. With a different menu every month, going early may not even be a great idea as the chefs may be finding their way around the constantly changing menu. But the staff are nothing if not professional – from the moment they called out “Dennis” instead of “Denise” to announce the readiness of our table, to informing us that there was a $10 fine for each person who didn’t turn up for a pre-made booking (which they only take for groups of 6 and more).

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand these “quirks” and have mentioned them in the interest of full disclosure ;). With the almost cult-like following and enthusiasm that this place receives, I highly doubt it even matters what I write here.

So really, this is a post about pretty photos.


First up, a whole poached pear wrapped in puff pastry, some butterscotch sauce and an insanely perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream. Such a grandma dessert (as in, you ain’t need no teeth to enjoy this baby) – I loved it! The pear was perfectly poached, wasn’t grainy or watery and held its shape; and the pastry was light and flaky. Combined with the sauce and ice cream, it was the perfect sweetness with a comforting warm and cold feeling simultaneously happening in your mouth. I got all of this out of one bite, and totally wanted more!


Next up was the banoffee (banana and toffee) tart. Despite not being the hugest banana lover, I found this quite nice because there wasn’t an overpowering banana flavour. This was probably due to the large amount of toffee, cream and chocolate flakes. Size-wise, it was perfect; big enough to not look lonely on a plate, but small enough to leave you wanting more.


This was the December tasting platter. Starting from the bottom, a lychee jelly (hidden) with mint granita. This was really refreshing to begin with, but the canned lychees became sickeningly sweet towards the end. Second from bottom was a flourless orange cake with peach slices; unfortunately, I found the cake slightly dry although bearable with some tea. The panna cotta with sesame snap was a strange combination because of the polar opposite textures and my inability to figure out how to actually eat it. Scoop with the sesame snap? Bite the snap and double dip? Hard to share with a weird flavour combination (I prefer fruit flavoured panna cottas).


Last but not least was a piece of tiramisu with a generous layer of sour cherries (yum) and enough cream to make me feel slightly lactose intolerant (yuck). Again, the sponge wasn’t as soft and light as I was expecting and flavour-wise it was lacking oomph. Pretty much just a traditional tiramisu, but not even close to the best tiramisu I’ve had. From this experience, I probably wouldn’t get the tasting platter again despite my love of variety. The singular desserts were more satisfying and made fresh to order.

With a menu consisting largely of homely desserts at affordable prices, Eggless has effortlessly tapped into the market for cash-poor university students with insatiable late night cravings for desserts (pretty much the fuel for Adelaide’s huge dessert scene). Eggless’ main appeal is in their rotating menu which allows for a different taste experience every visit. Don’t like what’s on offer this month? Just wait until next month!

Having heard about the theme nights and some creative durian and pandan-inspired desserts, I’m saving my next visit for when the menu really catches my eye. You can find the most current monthly menu for Eggless, on their website.

Until next time…stay cool everyone!

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