My Wasai Addiction

It is a rare occasion that my friends will let me take photos of food prior to devouring it, but I was lucky to catch everyone on a not-so-hungry, ‘let’s placate Amy’ type of day. 🙂 🙂

Everything I’ve ever tried at Wasai has been wonderful – it’s my fallback restaurant for a guaranteed good meal. (Disclaimer: the only night I would avoid would be Mondays – I had bad (un-fresh) tuna once and haven’t been brave enough to try eating there on a Monday again 😦 )

The night that this post is based on (a Wednesday), we shared the banquet between 4 people, which came to about $35 per person including drinks. For the amount and quality of food we got, it was totally worth it!


If you only order one thing, it has to be the sushi and sashimi boat (above)! It gives you good variety and a taste of everything (including Wasai’s famous aburi salmon). The other courses in the banquet include:

  • Agedashi tofu: deep fried tofu cubes in a soy based sauce
  • Soba salad: buckwheat noodles with baby spinach, avocado and cherry tomato
  • Tori mayonnaise chicken: chicken breast covered in special sauce (pictured below)
  • Tempura prawns and vegetables
  • Seafood hot pot
  • 20130712-231314.jpg

    Wasai is hands-down the best Japanese restaurant in Adelaide. I say this without any bias. I have eaten at and been given free dishes at Kenji, eaten a banquet at Sato and have a friend who works at Matsuri. Also, Ginza also doesn’t count because they have kimchi on their menu (and fried chicken wings)- I’m not a snob, but if you mix up your countries, you can’t be the best at any one cuisine.


    So enough raving from me – make sure you book yourself a table at Wasai soon and take all your friends! 🙂

    Wasai Japanese Kitchen on Urbanspoon


    2 thoughts on “My Wasai Addiction

      • Yes I usually don’t jump on bandwagons very easily, but I made an exception with wasai. Sometimes I dream of the aburi salmon…mmm 🙂

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